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Hiring Omaha General Contractors Without Regret

February 1, 2015

From shoddy work quality to outright scams, there are many issues that can arise with Omaha general contractors. Because most people have heard some general contractor horror stories from a friend or family member, it’s normal to have reservations about hiring one to do any construction work for you.

At Weber Construction, we completely understand why plenty of people get nervous at the thought of hiring Omaha general contractors. However at the same time, we know just how much a reputable general contractor can bring to a homeowner’s construction project. Since hiring the right contractor really can make your life a whole lot easier, we want to cover the information you need to know to make the right choice.

Omaha Referrals are a Good Place to Start

We definitely believe in the importance of word of mouth. Since referrals have played a big part in the continued growth of Weber Construction, we think asking friends and family members is a great way to identify Omaha general contractors that are worth looking into.

Once you start speaking with a few potential contractors, you can also ask for past referrals. Speaking with other actual customers is a great way to confirm that a general contractor can truly deliver what they promise.

Relevant Experience and Handling Bids

One of the advantages of dealing with Omaha general contractors is they have a broad range of experience. As a result, they should be able to speak with you about past projects they’ve done that match what you’re looking for from them.

As you’re narrowing down your list of potential options, you’ll find that it’s definitely worth asking for bids. The first thing this will do is confirm that the contractor is in the ballpark budget you were planning. If a bid comes back way higher or lower than you were thinking, there’s a good chance that the contractor might not be the ideal fit.

While budget plays a role in any construction project, the biggest mistake Omaha homeowners make is only focusing on that factor. Since elements such as responsiveness, quality and reliability are all factors that can make or break a project, they should be given just as much consideration as a project’s bottom line.

Speak One-on-One with Weber Construction

We have over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry. During this time, we’ve seen plenty of Omaha contractors come and go. While we don’t like to toot our own horn, we feel that our continued success comes from truly caring about our customers’ needs.

Whether you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, have recently discovered that your roof needs to be replaced or are planning out another change around your home, we have the skills and expertise to manage this project for you. Not only will we ensure that the work is complete in a timely manner, but you can also depend on Weber Construction to do the work right the first time.

If you want to talk more about the specific project you’re planning for your home, getting in touch with us for a conversation is as easy as calling (402) 697-7138.