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Maintenance Checklist for Your Roof

June 17, 2013

At Weber Construction, we believe it’s best to know upfront what the condition of your roof is, so that you’ll be able to prevent any problems prior to their occurrence. Please see below for a maintenance checklist of some ways you can protect the investment in your roof.

Be sure to have proper insulation and ventilation in your attic

Prevent your roof from warping by ensuring you have adequate ventilation and insulation in your attic. This will also lower your energy expenses, reduce the percentage of moisture in your house and prevent ice and snow from melting and refreezing.

Make sure your roof deck is in good condition

If your roof deck is not in good condition when you start to install new shingles, it can cause movement and deterioration. If severe damage is caused due to negligence, you can sabotage the money you invest in the shingles.

It’s time to clean the gutters

Gutters need to be free from debris at all times. In colder weather it is tempting not to clean the gutters, causing a buildup of leaves from the fall, as well as water that can solidify in low temperatures. Ensure the outer edges are lower than the roof’s slope line. This differentiation allows ice and snow to slide off easily.

You know it’s time to repair or replace your roof when you see:

  • Blisters, which are an indication of poor ventilation or manufacturer defect
  • Cracking in the surface which results in the shingles becoming increasingly brittle
  • Curling along the bottom edge (in cold weather)

What will the cost to replace a roof encompass?

Realistically, the cost to replace a roof varies based on any number of factors, including market conditions, the steepness of your roof, the roofing professional, the area to be covered, etc.

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