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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

July 3, 2013

Roofs don’t last forever, so age is by default a very important indicator to consider if you are determining on repairing or replacing your current roof. Some roofs last longer than others. On average, an asphalt roof should last around twenty years if it’s been properly maintained. Obviously, in most cases the cost is the determining factor of a repair or replacement. With roof maintenance, repair and replacement timing is everything. Unfortunately, there are several situations when repair is not an option. You shouldn’t wait until your roof is completely in shambles before you pull the trigger to replace it.

The primary deciding factor whether to repair or replace your roof

The current condition of your roof is the primary factor influencing whether you should repair or replace it. At Weber Construction, we strive to provide solid recommendations to our commercial and residential clients. When our project manager comes on-site to perform an inspection, they will let you know your options.

In looking for the signs and extent of damage to your roof, pay close attention to rust spots on the flashing, damage around roofing fixtures, cracked caulking, damaged shingles, paint peeling from the ceilings or undersides of overhangs, and water stains or wet spots on your fireplace, walls or venting. The accumulated quantity and severity of this damage should be evaluated, at least annually, to determine if your roof is providing adequate protection for your home.

When repairs are the better option

If you’ve discovered minor leaks in your roof, more likely than not they can be repaired, especially if the roof is relatively new. Always check to determine whether your roof is still covered under any sort of warranty by the manufacturer or previous installer. As the cost to repair a roof is significantly lower than replacing the entire roof, your financial situation is a major consideration.

Even though a new roof may be costly, the final costs of water damage to your property and home can vastly exceed the new roof estimate. It’s vitally important to accurately determine whether your roof needs repaired immediately. Determining whether to repair or replace begins with recognizing the early signs of a leak.

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