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Signs that Indicate You May Need to Replace Your Roof

June 3, 2013

Let’s start by saying that we understand that pricing frequently drives whether you opt to repair or replace your roof. Obviously, your house represents a huge investment, so retaining and growing it’s value requires evaluating all of the options available to you. You need to balance it’s upkeep and maintenance expenses with it’s resale value down the road.

It’s a fairly simple call to repair the roof when those costs are dramatically less than replacing it. Still, you really need to consider the long term cost of the repairs, because years from now the long term cost could skyrocket if repairs were made poorly or done with materials that cannot be repaired properly. Conversely, a full roof replacement makes sense only when repairs are no longer an option.

How do you make the determination whether to repair or replace your roof?

Fortunately, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA) published some tips to help you decide which route to take. You should schedule inspections of your roof twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA) Tips

  • From inside the dwelling, dark spots could indicate the presence of mold.
  • Additionally, sagging in areas of the roof’s deck would need to be examined further.
  • Obviously, if you see outside light shining through your roof, that should raise red flags – as well as leaks and water damage.
  • Look for missing shingles or shingles that appear thin, torn or cracked while inspecting the exterior of your roof or dwelling.
  • Large quantities of loose granules or loose materials adjoining the chimney, vents, valleys or downspouts would indicate the need for repair.
  • Standing water is never good, especially in water pathways such as the gutters, downspouts and other water exits.
  • Rot, mold and moisture are very bad. Note that mold will be visible within twenty four to forty eight hours after exposure to water.
  • Do your dryer and bath ventilation systems go all the way to the outside of your dwelling? If not, this needs to be corrected.

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