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Tips for Roofing Projects

July 17, 2013

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be exploring ways to improve the appearance of your house. Why not start with a roofing project? Your roof endures years upon years of abuse from extremes in temperature, thunderstorms, blizzards, high winds, and more.

Normally homeowners don’t notice issues with their roof until it starts to leak, and at that point repairs tend to get costly. If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy expenses recently, as compared to previous years, now may be the time to contact us at Weber Construction.

It’s better to fix the problem immediately

When the shingles on your roof need repair, it’s always best to address those issues as soon as possible. At Weber Construction, we recommend not waiting until they’re unavoidable. A good rule of thumb is to have your roof inspected annually.The advantage of performing annual inspections is that you can pay a little now, versus a lot later. If you can find and fix minor problems before they escalate into something much more complex, than you could save a lot of money.

Don’t just hire anyone to inspect and work on your home

There’s a reason why you should insist that any roofing contractor you hire to inspect and work on your home be bonded, licensed, and insured. We recommend those guidelines to protect yourself from liability issues or worse. They should also have some experience working with the specific materials on your home. Once you’re comfortable with their credentials, contact them to get some estimates.

A great rule of thumb before you hire a roofing contractor is to ensure that you understand exactly what needs to be fixed or replaced on your roof. If you don’t understand what you’re being told, then ask for clarification until you do. Obviously, get everything in writing. Per the contract itself: Make sure all of the details pertaining to schedules and materials are included, then read every word before you sign it.

Don’t opt for the least expensive provider simply because of the price. High quality work and the cheapest estimate don’t necessarily correlate. Don’t rush into a decision, because your home is your single biggest investment. Selecting the wrong contractor could cost you a fortune down the road if the roofing job is done incorrectly.

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At Weber Construction, we recommend having your roof inspected twice a year. If you need an inspection or a proposal on a repair or roof replacement feel free to give us a call at (402) 697-7138.