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What to Expect from An Omaha Roofing Company

May 27, 2015

If you’re in the process of looking for an Omaha roofing company to work with, you probably have a lot of questions. Since the company you choose is an important decision, you shouldn’t settle for picking a company that won’t take the time to answer all of your questions. In addition to directly asking questions, you can learn a lot about what you should expect by doing some research.

One question that Omaha homeowners often have on their mind is how the roofing process actually works. Because there is a lot that goes into this process, a common assumption is that it will take an Omaha roofing company a long time to complete a replacement. The good news is as long as you choose the right roofer, they’ll be able to finish the work much sooner than you expect without sacrificing any quality.

How the Roofing Process Works

Once you select the Omaha roofing company that you want to handle this project for you and schedule a date for the project to begin, the first thing that will happen is the roofing materials and a trash container will be delivered shortly before installation begins. Prior to beginning any work, the roofing team will review exactly what needs to be done. From there, they will start removing the old material on your roof.

If you’re concerned that the removal phase will leave parts of your roof without any protection, that actually won’t be an issue. The reason is because removal is specifically handled in sections to prevent any overexposure. Once a section of roof deck is prepared, new roofing underlayment will be installed.

After the underlayment is in place, shingles can be added. Fasteners are used to ensure that shingles are properly positioned and attached. If there are any roof penetrations, they will be reflashed, sealed and then properly painted. Both ventilation and wall flashings will also be replaced during the course of the work. This will help to improve performance.

Two more things will occur prior to the project being completed. First, the crew will clean up all around your home so that it’s left in the same condition it was in prior to their arrival. And second, the project manager will do a final quality assurance inspection to ensure every detail of the new roof is right.

Weber Construction is the Omaha Roofing Company You Can Count On: (402) 697-7138

Replacing a worn-out roof can do a lot to protect your home and its future value. Since this is an important project, you want it to be handled by the right team. At Weber Construction, we have a track record for doing excellent work. Not only do Omaha homeowners appreciate the quality of our work, but they also like how well we communicate.

If you’re ready to get the project started and want to be confident that it’s done correctly, be sure to give Weber Construction a call at (402) 697-7138.