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Working with a Roof Replacement Company 101

February 15, 2015

Although most homeowners accept that roofs eventually need to replaced, they often have some level of anxiety about going through this process. If you’re feeling a little unsure about what you should expect when you work with a roof replacement company, you’re definitely not alone. Since this is a topic that we regularly hear about from homeowners all across Omaha, we thought it would be useful to shed some light on exactly what to expect.

The Main Elements of a Roof System

If a roof has a slope of at least 25% (which most do), the roof is going to include five different elements. Those elements are the drainage, flashing, roof structure, sheathing and roof covering. When installed properly, these elements all come together and work to provide a reliable roof. Since the different elements in a roof system can definitely impact the total price for a replacement, it’s helpful to be aware that there are various elements when you’re speaking to a roof replacement company.

Materials Used for Roofs

Synthetic materials, metal, slate, tile and wood shingles are all examples of materials that can be used for a roof. While those materials have their uses, asphalt is the most common material used in Omaha. Since asphalt shingles can be reinforced with materials that are made from fiberglass or organic materials, these shingles provide functionality and longevity at a reasonable price point.

Don’t Forget to Speak with a Roof Replacement Company About Insulation and Ventilation

At Weber Construction, we’re always happy to answer any questions homeowners may have about the materials used on the top of their roof. However, we also make a point of reminding homeowners that there are some other critical factors to keep in mind. Those factors are insulation and ventilation. If a roof isn’t properly ventilated, extreme temperature fluctuations will cause moisture to build up over time. Since moisture can cause everything from buckling shingles to rot, this problem can significantly shorten a roof’s lifespan.

With insulation, not only does it play an important supporting role for ventilation, but it also ensures that your Omaha home will operate in an energy efficient manner. By working with a roof replacement company to help maximize energy efficiency, you can enjoy reduced monthly utility bills on an ongoing basis.

Call Weber Construction to Discuss Replacing Your Roof

If you’ve noticed any problems with your roof, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole thing needs to be replaced. Having your roof looked at by reputable professionals is the best way to protect it and determine the best course of action. If it does ultimately turn out that replacing your roof is the best option, Weber Construction is the roof replacement company you can count on for great results. Feel free to give us a call today at (402) 697-7138 to discuss the current state of your roof.