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Don’t Fall for a Door-to-Door Roofing in Omaha Scam

May 6, 2015

Any homeowner who is considering new roofing in Omaha needs to be aware of potential scams. While roofing might not seem like an industry that would attract unscrupulous individuals, the unfortunate reality is there are plenty of people who try to use roofing or other construction jobs as a way to make a quick buck. Although people engaged in this type of deception are good at making big promises and also quite insistent about collecting at least part of their payment upfront, what they’re not so good at is doing roofing work.

Omaha homeowners need to know that in addition to companies that do less than stellar work, there are individuals who have no roofing skills at all. Instead, all they do is go door-to-door and try to convince homeowners that they need a new roof. Even though that may be true, the person doing the selling would be the least qualified to handle any of the work. Unfortunately, some homeowners do get pulled into this scam. And once they hand over any amount of money, the odds of them ever seeing it again are very slim.

How to Avoid Roofing in Omaha Scams

This isn’t an issue that’s limited to Omaha. For example, a city council in Massachusetts recently rejected an application from a roofing company to go door-to-door selling new roofs. The main reason the city council rejected that application is because the company couldn’t provide detailed information about why they needed to utilize this method of selling. Since members of the city council were aware of the scams commonly associated with this type of selling, they decided it was in everyone’s best interest to reject the application.

If you want to protect yourself from being scammed in this way, the first step you can take is turning down anyone who attempts to solicit your business in this manner. While that should protect you from any outright scams, it’s not necessarily enough to protect you from shoddy work. For homeowners who are in need of new roofing in Omaha, it’s vital to weigh all options carefully.

In addition to obtaining multiple quotes, you’ll want to speak with potential roofers multiple times, as well as research their reputation. If you come across anything that raises a red flag, the best thing you can do is keep looking until you find a company that meets your standards.

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